Ostuni, the White City

Once you catch sight of Ostuni from far away, from the sea or from the centuries-old olive trees plain, you will perceive the incredible beauty of these places. The old town of the city with its twisted and romantic lanes and stone houses grasped next to the magic Gothic-Roman cathedral, shines at the sun reflected on the milk whiteness of lime. That is why it is  called "the White City".
But Ostuni is also the synonym of crystal clear sea, of vast sandy beaches and cosy pure inlets hidden in the Mediterranean scrub, with the coast that since 1994 to date was awarded  the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education and the five sails by Legambiente.
Rich in history, today it still preserves its fascinating charm in architecture and environment.
Its territory is still rich in cave settlements, baroque churches, masserie (manor farmhouses) with underground olive oil mills and natural oases. 
Besides, the nearby towns of the Itria Valley are of great interest

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